Fattoria San Martino


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Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking Classes

We prepare joyful vegetarian and vegan dishes with passion. A candle-lit dinner in our suggestive little restaurant or in the garden, surrounded by fireflies and the scent of flowers is a very special experience for all senses.

For continuing effects of these culinary delights even after your holiday, we teach you some of our joyful and delicious creations, tricks and ideas in our cooking classes. In the first place it is all about inspiring you to intuitive cooking. Not by strictly following a recipe but by trusting in your sense of taste and imagination you will create varied and healthy dishes that even the kids will love and that will leave your friends and guests at home specchless!

Cooking class: 3-4 hours, at the end of the course the participants will enjoy together what they have prepared

Rates: 120 €/person

About our cooking class :


Creative atelier with Karin 

Up-cycling chic. Use your hands to transform and create objects and textile like pillows, dresses, bags etc. With a little bit of creativity and your hands everything will be possible!


Some works and ideas of what could be done :


Our Bio-pond

At Fattoria San Martino you can enjoy our private natural swimming pool where water is cleaned by plants and natural filters, without any chemical product. A bio-pond with special water to refresh in the hot summer time, or just to relax on the edges.

Introduction to biodynamic agriculture

Take a wal in the courty side around Fattoria San Martino guided by Antonio and learn to look at nature in a different way. What cand we learn by looking to the leaves of plant ? What does it means to create a organic farm ?

Prices: 25€ per adult for 2 hours

Ateliers with watercolors or clay

Work with colours to express your feelings and to reflect on it. Use clay to create everything comes out from your imagination.

Prices: 75€ for 3h for maximum two people at the same time

Creative drawing with Lorenza

Bike and e-bike rental:

Discover the Val d’Orcia, the Crete Senesi, the Val di Chiana, its villages and its incredible landscape by bicycle. Tour of a whole day, or a few hours in the beautiful Tuscan countryside in the utmost silence. You can choose between normal or electric mountain bikes, which will allow you to tackle the climbs without any effort. During the break, enjoy a delicious Tuscan lunch with a tasting of olive oil and / or wine.

Prices daily rental: normal bike 18€ – e-bike 35€ / Prices for guided tours: 60€ for a half day – 120€ for the all day +bike rental (18€ or 35€)

Visits to wineries for wine and olive oil tastings:

Not only Montepulciano, but also Montalcino, Cortona, Chianti and Val d’Orcia, a tour in the Tuscan wineries to learn about local companies which make a work of excellence and research. A chance to discover the complexity of the agricultural work and its tradition.

Image by Marco Massimo from pixabay

Vespa rental:

Rent a Vespa with a guide or alone in order to discover the beautiful Tuscan landscape and all its beauties through its beautiful streets. For a taste ‘of the famous Italian lifestyle.

Walking through History:

Walking without haste in unfamiliar places in our days, but very popular in the past, through villages, churches, large trees, natural places that have made history. Lunch in small inns, or just a picnic, accompanied by an experienced guide who will take you in this beautiful area full of history and hidden beauties.

Electric vehicles destination charging:

In harmony with our philosophy and our relation with the environnement, our property propose charger for electric and Tesla vehicles. During a meal or the stay,our guests can recharge they electric vehicles at our charging stations.