Fattoria San Martino


Our “Pure Food” Restaurant

Our restaurant

Our organic vegetarian restaurant San Martino 3  offer delicious vegetarian and vegan cuisine as well as a high quality selection of organic wines, organic local beers.
The interior has been lovingly decorated by house owner Karin Lijftogt with her handcraft works and is just the right setting to enjoy our culinary delights that mirror perfectly our life-philosophy: Life is joy and abundance and a respectful give-and-take with nature. We serve our guests fresh and happy food that grows from our own organic farming. Cereals for homemade pasta, olive oil, vegetables, wild local herbs, aromatic herbs and spices that smell like the South and fruit that tastes like summer.

Book your table and enjoy! +39 0578 717463 | info@fattoriasanmartino.it

We are open for lunch and dinner… or just for a glass of wine, a herbal tea to taste sitting outside in the garden.

Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking Courses

We prepare joyful vegetarian and vegan dishes with passion. A candle-lit dinner in our suggestive little restaurant or in the garden, surrounded by fireflies and the scent of flowers is a very special experience for all senses.

For continuing effects of these culinary delights even after your holiday, we teach you some of our joyful and delicious creations, tricks and ideas in our cooking classes. In the first place it is all about inspiring you to intuitive cooking. Not by strictly following a recipe but by trusting in your sense of taste and imagination you will create varied and healthy dishes that even the kids will love and that will leave your friends and guests at home specchless!

Cooking class: 3-4 hours, at the end of the course the participants will enjoy together what they have prepared.

Rates : 120€ per person