Fattoria San Martino


Organic farming

Organic FarmingSurrounded by a magic landscape and fertile lands we are deeply greatful for the abundance that mother earth offers us and our most keenly committment is to treat her with respect and to take an active part in preserving and protecting the environment. So it is just natural that our farm is cultivated biodynamically and that our restaurant’s menue is strongly linked to the seasons.

Nature is a powerful magician and a wise healer. All vital energy comes from her and her fruits. Our wish is to make our guests get in closer contact with nature by making them taste, touch and smell the products we cultivate in our organic farm: cereals, vegetables, fruits, aromatic herbs ad spices.

Antonio is a skilled and passionate “ambassador” of green thinking and organic farming. A little talk in the garden, the stables or on the fields of Fattoria San Martino will give you deeper and inspiring insights on a healthy relationship between men and nature.