Fattoria San Martino


About Us

Antonio and Karin Fattoria San Martino Montepulciano


Once upon a time Karin Lijftogt and Antonio Giorgini lived in Milan. Busy, stylish, workaholic, creative, non-stop-connected. Fashion design, marketing, city life. CUT.


Tuscany, 1990.  Morning mist upon green rolling hills. Bird songs. Cornflowers, sunflowers and poppies. Old oak trees and olive yards as far as the eye can reach. An old villa admidst an overgrown garden. All of a sudden…butterflies in the stomach.  And this emphatic little voice in their heads whispering “THIS IS THE PLACE !

“This is the place to settle down, to grow up our kids in a healthy and happy surrounding, this is the place where to cultivate our own land in the full rythm and harmony with nature. The place to grow a wide range of biodynamic vegetables and fruits to share with our future guests. The perfect place for creative minds. This is the place TO BE OURSELF